How can we raise funds with a fun casino?

Firstly you decide if you are going to sell tickets to the fun casino evening and carefully take into account the set up costs of hiring the fun casino and hire of the venue and other costs to stage the evening.

Approach local companies to sponsor each of the fun casino tables that you hire in full or in part.

You then sell tickets to the fun casino night and ticket sales should cover costs and your club or chosen charity should now be in profit before the 1st card is dealt.

Your invited guests then purchase the fun money from members of the club appointed to be in charge of the casinos bank for the evening. Your guests now purchase the fun money to play the casino tables for e.g. £10.00 in cash buys your guest $100 in fun money which they then exchange with the croupier for chips to play the tables. The lowest chip value will be $5 so each guest will have 20 bets.

Fun casinos are a very popular way of raising funds so prior to the night of the fun casino night we need to look very carefully at the number of tickets sold and from my experience of the fun casino industry and raising funds decide if the number of tables booked will be enough to accommodate the number of tickets you have sold and the number of guests you are expecting to be entertained with the fun casino tables. We need to avoid the situation where we have sold so much fun money players will be unable to play the tables because of their popularity. I can also advise you prior to the night if we have sold an exact number of tickets in advance the number of tables required to accommodate the number of guests we are expecting to entertain.

An ideal way to sell and maximise the sale of the fun money is to set up a bank upon entrance to your chosen venue or if your invited guests are sitting down to dinner sell the fun money after the initial course.

We will then have every opportunity to sell fun money to each and every guest who would like to try their luck at the fun casino tables. Please avoid giving your guests free chips to begin play as even a small amount will last a long time and guests rarely buy further notes when their FREE chips runs out.

Again, from experience it is very difficult to sell fun money after dinner has concluded and your guests are taking part in other forms of entertainment booked to entertain them on the night.

Also make sure your guests are aware that they are welcome to purchase additional fun money if their luck runs out at the tables and have a banker on hand close to the tables to sell further notes.

The croupiers or the casino manager will never accept cash over the tables and notes must be sold by a member of the fundraising committee or charitable organisation.

The tables are then opened and the fun begins, the croupiers will deal the requested games and teach your guests the rules of play, prizes are then awarded to the guests who have the most chips at the end of play (please provide). Prizes can be purchased from ticket sales but even better if they are sponsored or donated from local companies and businesses that support your organisation.

Funds can be increased on the night by running roulette raffles. You simply sell all the numbers on the roulette wheel 0-36 on a pre printed sheet i will provide you with.

Example 1

The roulette raffle will take place every half an hour. 37 @ £1 = £37.00 6 Spins at £37.00 = £222.00 less cost of prizes and I would suggest a prize of a bottle of wine is awarded to the lucky ticket holder, if we assume the cost of the bottle of wine is no more than £5.00 a further £192.00 could be raised on the night.

Example 2

The roulette raffle will take place every hour. 37 numbers sold @ £5 = £185 3 spins at £185.00 = £555 less 50% to be paid out in prize money to the lucky ticket holder. The total amount raised from the roulette raffle will be £277.50.

A programme for the fun casino event can also be designed and handed out to your guests upon arrival. The programme could contain, the format of the evening, sponsors names and logos along with the rules of the casino tables hired and how fun money is purchased and an explanation of other fund-raising activities taking place on the night for e.g. the roulette raffle, silent auction, sale of memorabilia etc etc.

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