Need to make a payment?

How does a Fun casino work?

Your guests are credited with fun money prior to the casino tables opening and the fun money notes are then exchanged with the croupiers when guests vist the gaming tables to try their luck. The professional croupiers will teach your guests the rules of play and help and guide them throughout the evening. As the tables come to a close it takes the croupiers a few minutes to calculate which guest has been most successful and prizes can be awarded to the top 3 players.

How long does is take to set up?

It takes 30-40 minutes to set up blackjack and roulette and 10-20 minutes to dismantle and remove safely.

Table guest ratio and sizes.

Casino tables accommodate 7-10 players. When booking please take into account the number of guests you have invited. We recommend 2-3 casino tables for up to 100 guests. Roulette measures 8ft by 2ft and blackjack 6ft by 2ft. Ideally s space of 4-5 metres square is perfect to create the look and feel of an authentic casino professionally roped together with plants and floral features.

How much does a fun casino cost?

Blackjack and Roulette are the most popular and requested casino games hired at every celebration and occasion. We are able to provide 2 tables including the truly professional and immaculately presented croupiers to deal for a duration of up to 3 hours, to include delivery, set up with plants and lighting, unlimited standard personalised fun money at a cost from £475.00 inclusive, no VAT. Additional tables include 3 variations of poker including Texas hold em, Caribbean poker and 3 card poker (brag), the exciting game of craps and Wheel of Fortune which is a very popular game for children are available at a fee from £275.00 per table.

How do I make further enquires and make a booking?

Please click on the enquiry tab and take a minute to complete the fields and submit to me instantly. I will then consider your requirements very carefully and reply to your enquiry in fine detail. Every celebration and event is a very special occasion and i will provide you with a very competitive fee for a very high totally professional service that will exceed your invited guests expectations and provide them with a truly memorable evening.

If you wish to confirm the booking please make an enquiry providing us with as much detail as possible. Our website will allow you to confirm the booking and pay the requested booking fee safely and securely by debit or credit card online and provide you with a number of options to pay the remaining balance by card or direct bank transfer usually 1 month prior to the date of the celebration.