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How to Play Roulette?

How to Play Roulette?

The wheel always turns

No trip to a casino is complete without a visit to the roulette table. The following information will help you understand and enjoy this classic casino game. Like life the roulette wheel always turns-good luck.

Pure chance

Did you know the “Man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo” is about an Englishman? Written by Fred Gilbert in 1892, the song is about Charles Wells” lucky run on the Roulette tables in 1891.

Another Englishman has helped immortalise Roulette's spinning wheel. Most recently James Bond is seen playing poker, but long time fans will know 007 is also a suave and skilful Roulette player.

The casino classic origins can be traced to medieval France, where a bored monk is said to have created the game to make monastic living a bit more fun! Today roulette is played across the world, with subtle variations between the UK, France and the US, and even between casinos in the same country.

The major difference between English and American roulette is that the English has only a 0, while American has both 0 and 00.

If you are unsure about any of the rules, please do not hesitate to ask our friendly and experienced croupiers.

What you win when you spin (need good picture of roulette odds).

How to play English Roulette

The Player has the option to bet on

  • A certain number
  • A combination of numbers
  • Pick whether the number will be black or red, odd or even.

Stakes and odds

  • Straight up -1 number straight up. You can bet on any number including zero by placing your chips on the centre of a number.
  • Split bet – you can bet on two numbers by placing a chip/s on the line that divides two numbers.
  • Street bet – You can bet on 3 numbers by placing your chip/s on the inner left boundary line of the roulette table that is next to the corresponding row of three numbers.
  • Corner bet – You can bet on four numbers by placing your chips at the corner where four numbers meet.
  • Line bet – You can bet on two street bets (i.e., the six different numbers in two rows of three numbers) by placing your chips on the inner left boundary line where the line dividing the two rows intersects it.
  • Column Bet - There are 3 boxes labeled “2:1” at the bottom of the column numbers. You can place bets for all of these numbers by placing your chips (minimum of 5 chips) in these boxes. If any of the numbers in your column is hit you get paid 2:1. 0 is a losing number.
  • Dozen bet – You can bet on a group of twelve numbers by placing your chips (a minimum of 5 chips) in one of the three boxes marked “1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12”. If one of your numbers is hit, you are paid 2:1 and 0 is a losing number.
  • Red/Black, Odd/Even, Low/High Bets – you can place a bet in one of the boxes on the left, long side of the table that covers half of the roulette table numbers ( excluding the 0 ) Each box covers 18 numbers. You win even money (1 to 1) on all of these bets, 0 is a losing number.

Stakes and Odds

  • 1 number (straight up) 35-1
  • 2 numbers (split) 17-1
  • 3 numbers (street) 11-1
  • 4 numbers (corner) 8-1
  • 6 numbers (six line) 5-1
  • 1 Dozen 1st 1-12, 2nd 13-24, 3rd 25-36 2-1
  • 12 numbers (column) 2-1
  • Even-odd-red-black 1-18, 19-36 1-1

All stakes paid the above odds plus the original stake.
All stakes on columns and/or dozens are lost. Stakes on even chances lose half in UK casinos but lose in a fun casino. Stakes covering 0 are paid in the same way as any other number 35-1.

There are 2 further bets featured around the 0.
0-1, 0-2, 0-3 split pays 17-1 and 0-1, 2 and 0, 2, 3 pays 11-1 as 3 number street.

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Basics of roulette

Basics of roulette

  • To play you must 1st buy your roulette chips from the dealer. To do so simply ask for “ A colour please “ Roulette chips can only be used on the roulette table from which you receive them and roulette tables usually have 8-10 colours so a maximum of 8-10 players may play at any one time.
  • The dealer will give you chips that are a different colour to the other players. This makes it easy to identify your winning bets.
  • There are 37 sections on an English roulette wheel - numbers 0 (zero), and 1-36. Place your chips on whichever numbers you wish. If a section is taken by another player, simply place your chips on top of theirs.
  • The dealer will spin the wheel in one direction and the ball in the other. You can continue to place bets until the Dealer calls “no more bets”.
  • If the ball stops on your number you will be paid out.