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Andy Smith Presents Fun Casino Nights, can bring you all the fun and excitement of a real Casino, with over 20 years experience in providing Fun Casino’s and Theme Nights for a diverse range of celebrations including; Corporate events, wedding receptions, trade fairs and exhibitions, Christmas parties and summer balls and birthday celebrations.

James Bond Theme NightsJames Bond Theme Nights Uxbridge

Guns, gadgets, girls, fast cars and gambling ! Britain's number 1 action adventure hero James Bond returns to the big screen for 25th time in November 2019 but who would wager a bet ! on the return of Daniel Craig to MI6 ? to become the longest serving Bond of all time.

Coming soon to a venue near you why not book Andy Smith Presents to totally transform your celebration or corporate event into the world of James Bond with either our standard or deluxe James Bond theme night fun casino packages.

James Bond Themed Night Package - from only £1475

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Las Vegas Theme NightsLas Vegas Theme Nights Uxbridge

Oh, there's blackjack, poker and a roulette wheel. A fortune won and lost on every deal. All you need is a strong heart and a nerve of steel. Viva, Viva Las Vegas.

Are you looking to stimulate, impress, dazzle and excite your clients and invited guests with an exhilarating night to remember ?. Well look no further than our Fabulous Las Vegas theme nights that will totally transform your corporate event or wedding celebration into the bright light city of Las Vegas.

Let Andy Smith Presents totally transform your chosen venue into the world of Las Vegas with our Las Vegas theme night fun casino packages.

Las Vegas Themed Deluxe Package - from only £1475

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Hollywood/Awards NightsHollywood/Awards Nights Uxbridge

Lights, camera, action, take 1...

The nominees for the most outstanding contribution to our company go to?

NOW SHOWING at your companies corporate awards evening, end of year school prom, exhibition dinner, mile stone Birthday celebration, conference, school or university end of year ball let Andy Smith Presents produce, create and direct the glitz and glamour of your Hollywood theme night and Oscars awards evening.

Deluxe Hollywood/Awards Night - from only £1475

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1920's Speakeasy Theme Nights1920's Speakeasy Theme Nights Uxbridge

Take a step back in time to Chicago and the Rip Roaring twenties!

Welcome to our glamorous, high class Speakeasy joint and illegal gambling den where Guys and Dolls exchange their Dollars and try their luck at our 1920’s themed bespoke blackjack and roulette tables with truly professional croupiers dressed as Flappers or Dappers.

1920's Speakeasy Themed Deluxe Package - from only £1475

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Peaky Blinders Theme NightsPeaky Blinders Themed Nights Uxbridge

Step back in time and through the secret door of the Garrison Tavern and into the murky underworld of the Peaky Blinders illegal gamblin den where you can have a flutter on the Gee Gees prior to the illegal gamblin tables opening with our new Peaky Blinders 1920’s race and casino theme nights.

Peaky Blinders Race Night (8 races, plus auction) from only £1475 (includes racecourse props & decorations only. NO CASINO)

Peaky Blinders Casino Theme Night from only £1475* (includes blackjack and roulette, but no horse racing) *(depending on your choice of secret location)

Complete Peaky Blinders Race & Casino Theme Night from only £1975* *(depending on your choice of secret location)

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